Old buildings still standing dating from the Mayflower era

One the great things about filming for the Mayflower DVD project was being able to see some of the places associated with passengers who sailed to America in 1620.

Passenger John Howland lived in Fenstanton in Huntingdonshire. Passengers Elizabeth Tilly, her parents, plus Humility Cooper and Henry Samson all originated from Henlow in Bedfordshire.  While Elizabeth survived the first winter of 1620/21 her parents sadly died.  In 1623 she married John Howland.  He died in 1672/73 and Elizabeth died in 1687.  They had 10 children who survived to adulthood and by the time Elizabeth died she had over 80 grandchildren.

Humility survived but returned to England a few years later.  Evidence shows she may have been alive in 1638/39 and living in London but no later records have been found.

Henry Samson married Anne Plummer in 1635/36. He died in 1684/85.  It is unclear when Anne had died but she had pre-deceased Henry.  When Henry died they had 10 children and 54 grandchildren.

After the filming we decided to investigate the buildings in Henlow and Fenstanton and also in places nearby that date from the period that these Mayflower passengers lived in England.

We identified a number of them and arrange to take photographs.  Many will have changed over time but some would still be recognisable to them today.

You can view the locations on the web site and interactive map below.

Each pin represents a building.  Click here to see a picture and brief information on the building.