Over the years Focus Studios have worked on a number of projects associated with the Mayflower 400 DVD project.

Mayflower Interactive Passenger Map

The Mayflower Interactive Passenger Map shows the birth location, where known, of the passengers.  This was to help the local communities become more aware of their connection to the story and also help educate descendants understand more about their ancestors.

New World Tapestry – Virtual Tour

We also created a virtual tour of the New World Tapestry.  It had only been on public display for a short while after a 20 year community project to create all 24 panels (each 11 feet by 4 feet). At the time it was the biggest tapestry in the world when stretched end-to-end.  We made the virtual tour because it had been in store for many years with no plans to public display it.  We had the designer and driving force behind it, Tom Mor, narrate the film. Tom sadly passed away in 2019, but at least today people can still appreciate his hard work and see the panels and hear him explain the key features.