Bonus footage archives

In making the DVD we shot hundreds of hours of footage. This had to be edited down to fit on the triple DVD. We would normally discard the unused footage but in this case we wanted to ensure as much as possible was available to those interested for personal or professional reasons.

The footage sometimes contains notes on what further editing is required. In other cases it is final or near final footage that does not appear on the DVD - for example the guided tours and interviews with people who give information on activities planned to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620 (which sadly did not happen due to Covid-19).

To access the bonus footage, please fill in the form, and we'll email you a link and password.

Thank you for purchasing the Mayflower 400 DVD set. We hope you enjoyed the DVD and find the bonus footage interesting.

Adrian & the Focus Production Team

  • Please check your inbox for the email from us with the link and password. If you have not received it within 30 minutes, first check your spam folder.  If it's not there, then please contact us.

Video Production by Focus

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